ToonCrafter: Generate consistent animation from static images

ToonCrafter AI can effortlessly interpolates cartoon images using pre-trained image-to-video diffusion priors. Easily create smooth animations from two cartoon images.

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Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Input starting frame

Input ending frame

Generated video

Features of ToonCrafter AI

Image Interpolation

It can consistently fill the gaps between two or more input frames. This results in natural and smooth transitions

Learning Strategy

use Toon Rectification Learning Strategy,which adapts live-action video motion priors to the cartoon domain, resolving the domain gap and content leakage issues

Sketch Encoder

Includes a flexible sketch encoder that empowers users with interactive control over the interpolation results

How to use ToonCrafter?

Unleash the Power of AI Animation Generator with ToonCrafter AI.

1.Select frame image

Select 2 images you want to interpolate, include start and end frame.

2.Input prompt

Input prompt to tell ToonCrafter how to generate animation.

3.Generate Animation

click generate, ToonCrafter will make your animation ready in just a few minutes.

AI Animation tools for ToonCrafter

you can use these ToonCrafter AI tools to improve animation production efficiency.

Sketch to Image

Use AI to turn sketch to images

Story Diffusion

Use AI to generate comics.

Image to Cartoon

Use AI to turn image to cartoon.

Text to Video

Use AI to generate Video from Text.

AI Anime Upscaler

Use AI to upscale Anime to 4K.

FAQ about ToonCarfter

  • What is ToonCrafter?

    ToonCrafter AI is a generative cartoon interpolation tool that leverages pre-trained image-to-video diffusion priors to interpolate two cartoon images. It is designed for applications such as cartoon sketch interpolation and reference-based sketch colorization.

  • Who developed ToonCrafter?

    ToonCrafter AI was developed by Jinbo Xing, Hanyuan Liu, Menghan Xia, Yong Zhang, Xintao Wang, Ying Shan, and Tien-Tsin Wong from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Tencent AI Lab.

  • What are the main applications of ToonCrafter?

    The main applications of ToonCrafter include cartoon sketch interpolation, reference-based sketch colorization (single-image and dual-image reference), and sparse sketch-guided generation.

  • What are the limitations of ToonCrafter?

    ToonCrafter AI may not correctly and semantically understand image contents, leading to issues such as incorrect motion generation when objects appear or disappear in the frame. It is an open-source research tool and not a commercial product, so it may not meet all user expectations.

  • How can I set up ToonCrafter?

    To set up ToonCrafter, you can use Anaconda to create and activate a virtual environment, then install the required packages using the provided requirements.txt file. Detailed setup instructions are available on the GitHub repository.

  • Where can I find more information about ToonCrafter?

    More information about ToonCrafter can be found on its project page ( and GitHub repository (

  • Is ToonCrafter open-source?

    Yes, ToonCrafter AI is an open-source project licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

  • What is the resolution and performance of ToonCrafter?

    ToonCrafter can generate videos of up to 16 frames with a resolution of 512x320. The inference time can be reduced by using fewer DDIM steps.

  • How can I run ToonCrafter locally?

    To run ToonCrafter locally, you need to download the pretrained model, place it in the specified directory, and then execute the provided scripts or use the Gradio demo application. Detailed instructions are available on the GitHub repository.

  • can ToonCrafter run in ComfyUI?

    Yes, there is a repo called ComfyUI-ToonCrafter: It can enable ToonCarfter to be used in ComfyUI.You can use it to achieve generative keyframe animation.